Thursday, March 08, 2012

Things are getting busy! Here is a recap of all the action going on at our various nests. Remember, the estimates are estimates only - hatch could begin a little sooner or a little later at any location.

Valmont Great Horned Owls
We anticipated hatch would start on  03/10/12, but regular cam watchers think it may come a little sooner. The Valmont Owl fans are very dedicated and worth listening to, so you may want to check this one out sooner rather than later. Cam link: and click the Valmont Owls link in the list on the left.

EagleCrest Canada Geese
This site has been full of surprises. The hawks have made a nest elsewhere, leaving an open nest tray for...geese? The Canada geese nesting here have laid five or six eggs despite an owl scare. We estimated hatch starting on 03/21/12. To watch EagleCrest's Wild Kingdom, follow this link:

Fort St. Vrain Bald Eagles
The Colorado Bald eagles laid eggs a little earlier than the Decorah pair, but I don't know what I was thinking when I estimated the 24th. I am estimating March 21 here. Remember, this is an estimation only. Cam link: and click the Xcel Fort St. Vrain Eaglecam link in the list on the left.

Decorah Bald Eagles
We are anticipating hatch will start somewhere between March 23 and March 25. Cam link:

Great Spirit Bluff FalconsThe Great Spirit Bluff falcons have been seen copulating and making a scrape, so we anticipate the female will be laying eggs soon. We are trying very hard to get band numbers here - we believe the male is P/(something) but we aren't quite sure about the bottom character yet.

Other Cams and Nests
  • Missouri Turkey Vultures: Waiting for them to come back
  • Riverview Tower Peregrines: Waiting for them to come back
  • Dairyland Power Alma and Genoa: Falcons are back in both locations
  • Red Wing Grain: Falcons are back. A fight between three of them was witnessed by plant staff on March 7th.
  • Hibbard Power plant: falcons are on the grounds. We are considering cleaning out the nest box here ourselves.
  • Agri-Bunge, McGregor, IA: Falcons Bonnie and Clyde are back.
We'll keep you all posted as nests begin hatching. Since I don't like to leave without photos or a video, here is a video by Mick from Great Spirit Bluff this morning. This is the male falcon (the proper word is tiercel). The male is making a scrape in preperation for nesting.

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DotK said...

Thanks for the great summary, Amy. I'm thinking the 10th is a good estimate for a first hatch at Valmont - today is already the 8th - let's compromise and say 3/9. Love the Great Spirit Bluff falcon - her expression seems to say "no privacy for me". Looking forward to the other falcons returning and hope for a great season.