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This topic is a combination of numerous codes and explanations guaranteed to assist you in viewing or discussing the eagles.

With Eggstraordinary Graditude to chatters, and many other EAs who contributed to our eggspanding vocabulary of Eagle-ese / Eaglish we proudly present the Decorah Eagles Diction-Aerie for you to print out, mantle over, and devour the knowledge presented by the Fledge-U-Ating Eagle 101 Class of 2011. (Original post on Facebook by Sherri Elliott)

The Diction-Aerie
Air-obics - Extending wings and catching a bit of air.
Anthropmorphism - projecting human characteristics onto animals.
Apteria - area on breast with no feathers; aka -brood patch.
Balloon Mantle – a puffball of feathers exhibited by E3.
Beak Geeks - people that are avidly watching them daily.
Beak Lips – area of beak sides to corner of mouth.
Beakering – sibling disagreements.
Beakoff - eaglets fake fighting with their beaks.
Bedreagled Eaglets – raggedy look after bad weather.
Bird Nerds – people that are avidly watching them daily.
Bling – unidentified accoutrements brought to the nest from Nest Depot - usually brightly colored.
Branch Office – Mom & Dad spend most of their time in this space adjoining nest after eaglets grow into juvies.
Branching - eaglets hopping from one branch to another prior to fledging.
Breakfish – first meal of the day.
Cameritisi Permanentitis Bugitis – bug on camera lens, also known as camera bugs.
Cere – fleshy, membranous covering of the base of the upper mandible.
Claw Floss – name given to Pinky, the baling twine.
Cleaning Coma – behavior emulating Dad’s cleaning skills, but generally tiring quickly, lapsing into face plant.
Clown Clomp – comical eaglet first steps learning how to walk.
Clown Feet - oversized feet/talons that the eaglets haven't grown into yet, nor know what to do with.
Convocation – group of eagles in tree or on ground.
Corn Husk – outer dried corn covering coveted in nest.
Corn Husk Pillow – said item used as head rest.
Corn Stalk – building material for nest crib rails.
Clutch – number of eggs laid in a nest.
Crop - area in neck where food gathers first before entering stomach if it is full.
Crop rotation - food moving from the crop to the stomach for digestion (and filling up again).
Cuddle Huddle - all the e's close together for safety/warmth in a group.
Cuddle Puddle – horizontal E cuddle sprawl.
Decorah - the idyllic location in Iowa where our family set up its Home-Tweet-Home
Decorah Drop – nap flop.
Decorah Front Porch – our place to watch the EEeee's.
Decorah Shimmy - back and forth motion that Mom/Dad use to position themselves over the eggs/eaglets.
Decorahating – beautification of the nest.
EA'S - Eagle Addicts, aka: Eagle-holics.
E-ddicts – those who watch eaglets and stay in pajamas all day.
E-Gulp - swallowing food whole.
E-Heap – pile of eaglets.
E-Lump - same as cuddle huddle.
E-Pology - Submission bow or another act of 'sorry' after a sibling altercation.
E-Team – long suffering worrywarts who love eaglets.
Eagle Condo – eagles in penthouse, smaller birds in lower stories.
Eagle Kneivel – daredevil or showoff behavior.
Eagle Time – no time that has anything to do with human time.
Eagleholics Anonymous – 12 step recovery program for eagle addiction..
Eagleholics - (Eagle-holics) people that are avidly watching them daily.
Eaglestock/Eaglefest - 206+ million viewers united on web cam broadcast.
Eagle-ese – our unique vocabulary, also known as Eaglish.
Eagleibrium – balance achieved only by eagle walking.
Eaglemaniacs – people who eat, drink and sleep eagles, with not much real sleep actually occurring.
Eagleicious Delicious – any delightful E behavior.
Eagletecture – construction skills used by Dad to create the nest.
Eaglish - all the words we made up for this dictionary.
Eagulp – swallowing food whole.
Ealergies – involuntary sneezing reaction.
Eyas stage - fresh from nest
Face Plant - off balance eaglet plopping into nest face first, perhaps going into food coma.
Feaking - cleaning a beak.
Feathairdresser – wind redecorating Mom’s hair.
Featherline – e’s hairline feather growth giving them distinguishable identifiers.
Fish Fledge – result of food fight when intended meal accidently goes off the nestbowl.
Fishereagle – Dad, Dad, Dad.
Flappathon – endurance contest of e’s getting pumped up.
Fledge – taking the leap from branches to the air of the big beyond.
Fledge Fest – gathering of EA’s making road trips to witness fledging.
Fly-By – parent checking in, but not landing, and with or without food.
Fly-By-Fake-Out - parent flying by with food to lure E's out of nest.
Flying monkeys – teenlets similarity when wingersizing to the Wizard of Oz flying army. Hum the song: oh weeee oh...ohhhh oh when seeing this behavior.
Food Coma - state of suspension E's go into after eating too much.
Fret of chatters - a group of chatters worried about the eagles.
Flapadoodle: Amusing flurry of wing flaps performed by Mom, sometimes Dad, while sitting (incubating) the eggs. Generally occurs in middle of night and scares the heck out of everyone watching.
Flapping Jacks - eaglets exercizing their wings.
Fledge-U-Ation – eaglets graduate to fledging.
Fritching - itching new emerging feathers.
Gnat – larger than noseeums and especially fond of the eagle's head area resulting in eagle neck jerk twitching.
Gnat Gnat – a term of endearment used interchangingely for nite nite by EAs.
Gnat Scat Boogie – the e’s headtwich dance.
Guy-liner – one way to identify Dad is black liner around his eyes.
Hallux – rear locking talon, also known as eagle thumb.
Hard Penned – feathers firmly attached to bone.
Hoppersizing – up and down movement, usually in conjunction with wingersizing.
Hop-Squash – exhuberent nest hop resulting in a sibling step on. Usually E2 gets hop-squashed.
Hoppiness – what else would you do after a good feed and found you had wings? Happy-Hop!
Hover Mantle – mantling behavior parallel to the prey of the day.
Hovering – catching air with outspread wings while staying in a fluttering suspended motion.
Hugbrella – wingstretch from one e to another.
Kettle - group of eagles in the air.
Juvie sprawl – juveniles taking up extra nest space spreading wings out while napping.
Leap Eagle – hopping over a sibling.
LEGO Eagle – pixilated image of our eagles.
Lumpasizing - E's staying close together or sleeping in a pile.
M.O.D.S – Master Ornithological Data Searchers; also gatekeepers of the RRP FB page or chat.
Mantle - The action of a bird spreading its wings, fanning the tail & arching over prey, to hide it from other predators, including other birds or siblings. From Old English/Norse for cloak. (E3 delighted us with several distinct mantles: Balloon Mantle and Ninja Mantle).
Master Mantler – E3 showed extraordinary mantle diversity.
nest depot - nearby areas where corn husks, branches, horse hair, or nesting material is available.
Moist Fowlettes – wet eaglets.
Mombrella – Mom covering her eaglets with her wings, mostly in inclimate weather. (see also poptent).
Moonwalk – backup walk prior to a poop shoot.
Muskrat jerky – poor thing which gets picked on by the e’s w qhen unearthed from the nest.
Nare – nostril holes on the beak.
Nest Depot – wherever Mom & Dad can find new d├ęcor for the nest; ie- horsehair, corn husks, branches, straw.
Nest guests – anyone watching the UStream video.
Nest Potatoes – eagles lazily lounging, usually after eating.
Nestication – staying put in nest or branches; too relaxed to pack and fly off.
Nestogarbage – nest garbage or debris.
Nestoration - The act of rearranging or redecorating the nest
Nestovers – uneaten food found in the nest.
Netiquette – a level of decorum expected on Decorah’s RRP Facebook page.
Nictitating Membrane – transparent inner eyelid, also known as the third eyelid protecting the eye.
Numb Butt – affliction caused by sitting at the computer too long.
Ninja Mantle – heightened Zen-Like state of mantle & hover (first exhibited by E3 on 5-29-11)
Obstacle Occlusion – varying perspectives of the reality of the nest.
Outstinkt - eaglets knowing instinctively to PS out of the nest.
Owl – urban legendary creature purported tohave attacked eagle nest; totally mythical.
Pffffftt! – the distinct sound coming from a PS.
PS - poop shoot - evacuation of the bowels.
Pancake – flat eagle in sleeping position.
Pet Pillow - using your sibling as something to rest a part of your body on.
Pinky – name given to pink/red bailing twine brought into the nest, that inadvertently wound around E2’s foot.
Piscivore - fish eater.
Poop Art - original whitewash gouache on the nearby trees; a takeoff of the 1960’s Pop Art Movement.
Poopcassio - PS artist.
Poptent - Dad standing over the chicks with wings spread keeping them safe from snow/rain/wind or predator.
Porch Peeps - The E's adoring EA's who sit on an evereggspanding porch overlooking the beloved cottonwood tree to pay homage to our eagles.
Post D-Epartum Depression – condition to what will happen to EA’s when eagles leave the nest.
Predicure - manicure for a predator.
Prey Buffet - whatever the parents happened to bring for dinner.
Prey Toy – meal tidbit used as plaything.
PSFS – print screen finger syndrome synonymous with copy, print and save web stream photo captures.
RWS - restless wing syndrome.
Ramage - true feathers coming in.
Raptor – a bird of prey, regal in the birddom. (Latin, one who seizes, from rapere).
Reversed Sexual Dimorphism – the female eagle is generally bigger than the male – opposite of other species.
Rictus - wide open mouth.
Screech-fest - sound associated with food fest.
Screagling – screeches made by e’s.
Screeeeeeee – typed sound the e’s make in one or multiple vocalizations; can interchange with squeeeeee.
Screaching – sound associated with food frenzy.
Separation eagxiety – the anxiety tht the last eaglet feels when it is left in the nest alone, sans siblings.
Shaking Juvie Syndrome – trying to get the gnats off ones head by shaking it.
Spicules – the rear talon.
Sprawled Eagle – eaglet sleeping with wings spread covering a larger mass area than spread eagle.
Spread Eagle - eaglet sleeping with wings spread (see also sprawled eagle).
Squabbit – what we call the newest furry snack when we can’t figure out if it is a squirrel or a wabbit.
StarBeaks – EA’s favorite corporate cawfee. Most popular blends: Decorah Decaf and Mocha Mantle.
Sub-Adult - juvenile eagle.
Sweagle Dreams – sweet eagle dreams.
Syrinx – flap between esophagus and lungs that eagles make vocalization sounds.
Tail Wiggle-Waggle – movement of the eaglets tail after they realized they had one.
Tarsus – the section of vertebrate foot between the leg and metarsus.
Tippytalon – eaglets doing the ballerina thing.
Tweagles – juvenile teen eagles.
Tween Preen – Eaglets in their ‘awkward’ phase trying to get their feathers unfurled.
Twiggs - playing with branches like Lincoln logs.
Twittering - calls made by young eaglets.
U.I.A. – unidentified animal brought in as prey.
Whatta - The best way to start a sentence!
Wilson – name given to the beloved cornhusk that resembled the volleyball in the film “Castaway”.
Windteruption - high wind day that causes the e's to lay low.
Wingercizing - excercizing the wings.
Wingpits – self explanatory.
Wing Smackdown – exhuberent wingersizing between two or more eagles resulting in a takedown.
Wing Whack - one eaglet stretching his wing while laying down and hitting his/her nearby sibling with it.
Wonderstruck - The overwhelming feeling produced by the EEeee's.

Alpha Codes
A = Ant
AD = Additive
B = Bugs
BB = Beak Biting
BH = Branch
BFP = Big Front Porch
BG = Beak Geeks
C = Cat
CA = Camera
CH = Cornhusk
CHP = Corn Husk Pillow
CL = Clutch
CP = Crop
CS = Cornstalk
CT = Cottonwood
D = Dad, Daddy
D1 = Dog (This was prior to D1, being named D1)
DE = Decorah
E = Eagle or Eagles (1,2,3)
EA = Eagleholics Anonymous
EG = Egg
EPU = Eagle Parental Unit
E101 = Eagleholics 101
E-lumni = Eagleholics 101 Graduates
F = Fledglings
FS = Fish
FC = Food Chain
FP = Faceplant
G = Gnats
GR = Grunt
H = Horse
H1 = Human 1, Human 2 (at farmhouse)
HA = Hatchery
HC = Hatch
HV = Hovering
I = Icing On The Lens
IB = Incubate
IA = Iowa
IF = Infrared
J = Juvies
JK = Jerky
K = Kleenex
KU = Kudos
L = Leaves
LT = Light
LV = Love
LE = Lens
M = Mom, Mommy
M1 = Mod
M2 = Mod II
M3 = Mod III
MB = Mombrella
MK = Muskrat
MT = Mantle
N = Nest
NIC = Nictitating
NS = Nestorations
O = Owl
P = Parent(s)
PA = Panning
PCH = Porch
PCP = Porch Peeps
PE = Pellet
Pfffft = Poop shoot sound
PX = Pixels
PR = Preen
PS = Poop Shoot
PT = Poptent
PTZ = Pan, Tilt, Zoom
Q = Quiz
R = Rabbit
RF = Raptorfan81
RRP = Raptor Resource Project
S = Stream
SA = Separation anxiety
SN = Snow
T = Tree
TA = Talon
TF = They're Fine
U = Unconditional Parent Love
UST = UStream
UV = Ultraviolet light
V = Victory Of The Fledge
VB = Victory Branch
VE = Venison
W = Wilson
WGZ = Wingersizing
WI = Wind
X = Xtra Knowledge
XO = Kisses & Hugs
Y = Branch
Z = Zoom
ZS = Zzzzzzzzzz's

Special Additions:

eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee = E1
eeeee eeeee eeeee x infinity = E2
eeeee eeeee eeeee (3x) = E3 (and with a grunt, eating)

Happy watching!


westnile41 said...

Printed out and at-the-ready beside my computer. Thanks, Amy!

dragonfly3 said...

Hilarious as well as informative.

Diane F said...

Love it!!

mamarikes said...

I'd forgotten half or more of these. Brought a giggle to my day!

Melissa Schmidt said...

Oh and Mr. Mean Twine is that bail twine that the babies gets caught up in from time to time.

Gail said...

Amy, I hope you see this because I have a question about the eagles. While watching this year I have noticed while the eagle - especially the female - is sitting on the nest that its beak is open and it appears to be breathing harder - panting. I do not remember seeing this take place last year when they were on the nest. What is the reason for this?

Cams said...

This was sooo cute! Thank You Amy for bringing back so many HAPPY MEMORIES from last season of 2011. I am definitely looking forward to this season with our new babies.

marby said...

Great to be back on Nest Watch! Thanks Amy & Bob and All for all you do! And especially, thanks to the Eagles! ...and to all the other nesters who don't get nearly as much limelight! Thumbs-up to a successful 'season'!

marby said...

P.S. LOVE the re-posting of the DICTION-AERIE! :)

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Truly the best! Thank for for the education, enjoyment and heart warming moments.

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That's truly an amazing blog. I have never seen such an informative blog before thanks for sharing.
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Annalee Snizek said...

Hi Amy, I just noticed that in this diction-aerie the word Juvenile isn't listed. I forget when they go from eaglets to juveniles. Just thought you would want to know. Thanks.

Christi Bonslaver said...

The eagle is warm and is panting to cool their body temp because they can't thermoregulate, or control their body temp.

Dianna said...

Why not just use regular words instead of all this silly “eaglease “ nonsense? We have plenty of descriptive words in our English language to convey the eagle’s activities and behavior without resorting to ridiculous made-up words. I enjoy the live feed, the highlights and the commentary very much but the silly words annoy me.