Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Nest Roundup

It's been a busy couple of days for everyone! Here is a complete RRP nest round-up:
  • Two eaglets in Decorah. D12 hatched on 3/27/12 and D13 hatched this morning.
  • Two eaglets in Fort St. Vrain, Colorado
  • Two peregrine eggs at Great Spirit Bluff. We're waiting for one or two more.
  • Three GHO owlets in Valmont, CO. These guys are growing fast!
  • One peregrine egg at Xcel's Sherco power plant
  • Several goose eggs at EagleCrest. Hatch is anticipated between April 3 and April 7.
  • Turkey Vultures are back in Missouri, although no one has settled into the nest yet.
We have a nest calendar at that we try to keep current, although the birds sometimes get ahead of us. We maintain photo albums on our facebook page and our flickr account, and have videos on our youtube page:
If you missed D13 hatching this am, here's a video:

The Emergence of D13


ant suds said...

so cool
thankyou for posting. I just watched her feeding the babies at 7:23 pm

Unknown said...

Fantastic. Love it

Unknown said...

Fantastic. Love it

2nd year eagle watcher said...

So cool. Thanks for being there to make this video.

Nana of the North said...

I can't get anything done around my home because I can't stop watching the eagles long enough. Thank you for giving us all the opportunity to see nature at its best.

Grammy said...

Thank you so much! It is just wonderful to watch.

kp said...

The gentleness of these creatures is just amazing. So huge compared to the eaglets yet such tenderness. Thank you for a beautiful video!

Sir Lance said...

Great Spirit Bluff Peregrine Falcon Michelle Lays egg 6:55pm CDT