Friday, March 28, 2014

Three Bald Eagle Eggs at Fort St. Vrain!

We have three bald eagle eggs at Fort St. Vrain, and the camera is back! The eggs were laid as follows:
  • Egg #1: February 21
  • Egg #2: February 24
  • Egg #3: February 28
The eagles have tended to be closer to 39 days here, so the eggs should start hatching on roughly April 1st. April 1st might be a very busy day for us, since it's also the first possible hatch day in Decorah and the projected 'jump' day for Canada geese Fred and Wilma's brood at Eaglecrest, assuming hatch happens there on March 31st. 

To watch Fort St. Vrain online, visit one of the links below: 

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