Thursday, December 29, 2016

A trip down memory lane: Favorites from 2016, Decorah edition!

It is time for a look back at 2016! We asked the mods for their five (or more) favorite moments of 2016 from Decorah and Decorah North. We will feature favorites from Decorah today.

Several mods mentioned ‘firsts’: first pip, first hatch, and first feeding. A few favorite firsts from 2016.

  • First feeding for D24: Mom Feeds D24 Sweetest Thing:
    It is reassuring and sweet to see an eaglet’s first feeding.
  • First pip for D25: D24 & D25 pip with beak moving - super close macro zoom: A feeding for D24, one of our first glimpses of D25, cute vocalizations (I can’t help but think of baby talk), and birdsong everywhere.
  • First glimpse of D25’s face: Does this video also show D24’s first PS? Wonderful if brief views of D25’s tiny talons and face, down still wet from hatching, and D24 gobbling down sucker roe!

Poopshoots remain a perennial favorite among mods and watchers alike. Two poopshoot moments really stood out for a few moderators…

There were a lot of miscellaneous favorites – cute, interesting, or fun glimpses of daily life at N2B!

We all missed D24 and D25 after they left N2B. But the cameras at N1 and Robin Brumm’s videos gave us a glimpse of their post-fledgling lives.

All of the mods mentioned followers, classrooms, and/or people at After the Fledge. They loved the chance to interact with classrooms, our guest moderators from teamcarnes’ class, the daily chats with followers, meeting and hanging out with eagle friends and family at ATF, and getting a chance to see Ambassador in Training Decorah (widely believed to be D20 from 2014):

Judging from readership of blogs, your primary Decorah-related concerns in 2016 were:

Have a very happy new year and thanks for watching with us in 2016!