Friday, April 15, 2016

Thank you to our volunteers!

This week is National Volunteer Appreciation Week! I wanted to take the time to thank all of our wonderful volunteers for everything they do for us!

Our Chat and Facebook Mods dedicate an extraordinary amount of time to providing a fun, educational chat. In addition to time spent online with watchers, they dedicate themselves to learning everything they can about bald eagles and their habitat, help keep me informed of important or extraordinary events, let me know when technology is going wrong, and bring their own ideas to bear on tools and content for followers! Our sites would not be what they are without them.

Our  Camera Operators and Video Makers share life in the nests with us. They give us extraordinary close-ups, interesting moments, and tours of the areas that shape the lives of the birds we watch. Thanks to them, we get to see and relive important events and cuteness overload close-ups, even when we aren't able to watch live!

Our Landowners share their wildlife and resources with us. We would not be watching eagles if they weren't willing to let us do so. Those with falcons on their properties watch nests, provide helpful information, and let us on to their land to band, survey, and put up boxes. They have been a critical part of peregrine falcon recovery!

Our Board is working on long-term goals and strategies. We would not have N2B or Decorah North without their direct help, and it has been wonderful to work with them as we do things now and prepare for our future.

Volunteers, I appreciate their dedication and talents more than I can say. As Bob would say "You ROCK!" Thank you for all you do.


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