Thursday, September 18, 2014

Flight Maps

Will Four ever disperse? We've been asked that question via facebook, email, and our forum. Only Four can answer that question, but I thought it might be worth looking back at D1 and D14 for clues.

D1's first flights, 8/01/11 to 8/12/11
The map above shows D1's first flights. She fledged in June, at 81 days of age, and we attached the transmitter to her on July 18, 2011. The maps shows her exploring her natal territory, traveling simple, short back and forth paths as she learns proficient flying, food-finding, and navigational skills.

D14's first flights, 8/01/12 to 8/12/12
D14 was 78 days old when he fledged in late June, He is less centered around the nest and hatchery than D1 was, but his initial exploratory flights are very similar. Like D1, he is flying short, simple back and forth paths as he gains skill and experience. 

Four's first flights, 8/01/14 to 8/12/14
Four's fledge occurred at approximately 76 days old, in late June. Like D1 and D14, her early flight pattern is relatively simple  - a lot of short back and forth explorations. Her first "loop" occurred on August 10 and was just 1 mile long (.5 miles out and back). 

So when does a hatch year eagle stop exploring and start dispersing? D1 was quite obvious. On August 13 2011, she flew north 14 miles toward the Iowa/Minnesota border. By September 6, she was 262 miles north of the nest. She turned south and came back to Decorah, arriving back in NE Iowa on December 24, 2011. Before leaving on August 13, she had never been recorded more than .98 miles from her natal nest.

D1's 2011 dispersal
The map above displays D1's entire dispersal. On August 13, she went from local travel along simple paths to long-distance travel along more complex paths. Her large loop included several smaller loops with fewer of the simple back and forth flights that we saw her first weeks on the wing.

D14's 2012 dispersal
Unlike D1, D14 spent more time flying around the Decorah area and left town twice: once on September 5, for a 24-mile flight south, and once on September 22, for good. So did he disperse on September 5 or September 22? My money is on September 22. D14's movements seem to indicate a higher degree of pre-dispersal restlessness, but he didn't leave permanently until September 22. Like D1, he went from local travel along simple paths to long distance travel that included looping flight. Unfortunately, he died of electrocution on November 6 near Rockford, Iowa. The loss of D14 was tragic for personal and research reasons. Everything we could have learned from him ended in his premature death.

As their flight paths show, D1 and D14 spent some time acquiring skills and strength before dispersing. They needed to be able to fly strongly, work with the wind, find food, and navigate. We have recently begun seeing some increased complexity and distance in Four's flights. Only time will tell if and when she disperses, but Four's flight paths and recent calf-eating excursion seem like good signs. Stay tuned! You can make your own D1, D14, and Four maps here:

Four, 9/1/14 to 9/17/14


Annie from Oregon said...

Thank you for pulling this altogether for us!! Thank you for your 'eagle heart' and for being such a strong advocate. All your posts are very clear and informative - and you know how to have fun! Banding? Yes, that, too! <3

Connie Krahn said...

Amy I am so impressed with your knowledge of Decorah's eagles. I would love to be so knowledgeable. Ths nks d o much for the update.

Mary Thorsheim said...

This update is so interesting! I haven't commented on the blog before, but want to express huge thanks to Amy.