Wednesday, June 25, 2014

3rd Decorah Eaglet Found?

We've confirmed a fledgling eagle without a transmitter a little over one mile from the nest. While we can't know for sure, we are quite hopeful that this is our missing eaglet, especially when we compare the data with D14, who was tracked in almost the same location on 6/27/12. We'll be watching to see if the eaglet comes back to N2, appears in N1, or is seen over at the fish hatchery. In the meantime, please stay back and give the eaglet plenty of room if you see it on the ground. Bob reported that the eagle was flying very proficiently this morning.

The NWZ just got a little larger! Thanks to Frank Ermel for the tip and photo. We aren't trying to ID this eaglet at all right now - we've got our hands full just keeping track of everything that's going on. We hope to have an ID post for everyone later today or sometime tomorrow.

A link to D14's late June/early July map for comparison: