Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Where are the Decorah Eagles going to nest?

Mom and Dad on February 5th
We are getting this question on a very regular basis and we still don't have an answer. Initially, they were dividing their time fairly equally between the two nests, spending about 50% of total nest time in or near each nest. They went through a brief flurry of activity at the original nest towards the end of January, which made us think they might be using the original nest after all. However, much of the activity at the original nest has subsided and we've seen them spending a little more time at the new nest. They also haven't started bringing many soft nesting materials into the nest yet, something we thought should be in full swing by now. 

Having said that, we aren't ready to concede the original nest. They've been making visits on and off, and we haven't yet observed them bringing soft nesting material into yonder nest. We're trying to watch them just a little bit closer, since soft nesting materials might tell us one way or another. We'll keep you posted, and please let us know if you see anything. 

In the meantime, here's a video highlight of a visit to the original nest on 02/05/13: http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/29053339/highlight/322844. You can also see it on our youtube channel at http://youtu.be/FcxOk2ndlgE. Enjoy!


Roberta said...

Is it possible that there's still too much snow in the nest for them to make improvements? (i.e. soft nesting stuff).

AmyRies said...

We've seen Mom and Dad nest in snow before - not last year, which was really warm, but in 2011 and earlier. They are very well adapted to our northern weather, so we don't think snow is a problem.

Unknown said...

Have you turned the lights out???? It says your live in Decorah, but no view of the nest after dark like a week or so ago??


PS I am so very sad about the loss of babies that I watched all thru the process of laying, hatching etc. etc. and fledging--
I believe it was D12 and D14> So very sad how they both died--I really miss this site and watching this family. I check ever day hoping that they will be back--How is D1- Still soaring??? I also miss the chat!!

goldie222 said...

Really sad not being a part of the eagle's lives this year... We can only hope, that cameras will be rigged in the new nest next year--and we can all be together again..Our eagle family...