Tuesday, September 18, 2012

09/17/12: D14 and D1

D1 is on the move! She's roughly 77 miles of her northernmost point right now, although she's a little north of the southernmost point we've tracked her at this month.http://www.raptorresource.org/maps/latest.php

Back in Decorah, Bob took some time to track D14 this afternoon. He writes: "I had a bit of free time this AM so I tracked down D14. He was perched in a white pine tree on the top of a bluff overlooking the Upper Iowa River. There were two adult eagles perched nearby. I returned to this area a few hours later and got a beep pointing down stream. I got a booming signal when I pointed the yaggi at three immature eagles soaring high over the river. They were so high up I could not tell which one was wearing the transmitter."

D14 along the Upper Iowa River
D14 with other eagles

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Tim Jet said...

In northern Wisconsin, white pine is the king of the old growth forests. This was the tree that was logged after the United States Fast Growing Tree Nursery