Monday, August 27, 2012

08/27/2: Weekly Roundup

D14bybridge I'll start with a D14 report from Bob, who writes:

"Mary and I set out to locate D14 on the Upper Iowa River down stream from Bluffton, Iowa. We were getting a strong signal with the PTT receiver as we came down into the valley near what is called the Hutchinson Bridge. As we drove over the old bridge, D14 flushed from its upper beams. He flew to a nearby tree and we were able to get some pictures. Mary and I then met with Dixie Hutchinson to show her where D14 has been on their river property. The land owner from across the river joined us just as a team of horses pulling a large wagon and making lots of noise with their hoofs caused D14 to take flight once again. We were surprised to see him join another immature eagle (D13?) in the air. He broke off and returned to land on the upper beams of the old bridge. All of us could easily see his transmitter."

We believe that D1 remains in Polar Bear Park, but have not had an update for five days. Her transmitter is solar-powered, so it is possible that grey, rainy weather has prevented the battery from charging. I'll post new coordinates as soon as we get some.

The first Turkey vulture (BB) fledged yesterday at about 10:27am. We have a Ustream video highlight here: As of this post, LB is still in the barn. I've had some questions about whether or not the TV will return to the barn after they have fledged. I don't know, but have asked for a ground update. I'll post when I get it.

For the next two weeks, we will be testing equipment, building kestrel nest boxes, and installing a Peregrine nest box at a cliff in Bellevue, Iowa. Once we have plans drawn up for the kestrel boxes, I'll post them as well.

Happy birding, online and off!


k said...

Hi Amy,lots of great info here,thankyou. Do you know when cam will be up and running again on nest in Decorah?

Shar said...

Love the updates can't wait to sit glued to the screen once the cameras up and running again.

jct321 said...

Have we had enough mounting of transmitters that will be strapped to the backs of these birds until they die? In my mind there is no more need to repeat this.

jct321 said...
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