Thursday, February 16, 2012

We are coming into our busy season! The Fort St. Vrain Bald Eagles laid their first egg yesterday - the same day they laid egg #1 last year. If the Decorah eagles do the same, we won't see an egg there until February 23rd. Note the size difference between Dad (top left) and Mom (lower right). Mom is clearly much bigger than Dad.
Fort St. Vrain: First Egg 2012

The Valmont Great Horned Owls laid their first egg on 2/13/12: 8 days earlier this year. Snowflake and Dan are already on egg #2. Here, Dan brings Snowflake a nice mouse.
Dan brings a mouse to Snowflake

So when can we anticipate hatch? Based on last year's dates....
  • Valmont Hatch estimated: 3/10/12
  • FSV Hatch estimated: 3/28/12
An owl was heard at the Decorah Eagle Nest last night. Video by Razzle:

Watchers probably remember some owl scares last year as well. This is scary for us, but life as usual for the eagles.

Thanks for the photo caps and dates - they are very helpful in tracking important dates!


a_reader said...

Hello Decorah Eagles Fans.
I didn't catch that owl but have been peeking in of late.

Have seen mice on the nest at night-when I check back on the last 24 hour still shots - hold down PgDn key - can see them scurrying about, perhaps that's also attracting the owls.
There was one night that Dad went after a mice on the nest in the last couple of weeks.

So glad it's back up and running and the camera image is amazing, so clear and well done.
Thank you.
Parents are looking healthy and ready to do this all again!

Nice work in capturing the mating - great timing - caught it on ustream.
Always like to check in and see the ongoing nest work, their doing a great job of it and there's the corn stalk or eaglet chew toy.
Tonight Mom's just resting on the nest having devoured something earlier.

To all who make this possible and for all the other {addictive} live cams... - a huge Thank You.
Great to see them back, better than ever!!

a_reader said...

Too funny just after making a comment here - checked back and Mom was laying her first egg!
WoW, and I was worried about why she was acting so funny all of a sudden...only found this site just as the last egg was hatching last year.
Congrats all around.
So it's D12-1's hatch sweet and a bit early compared to last year.