Saturday, December 25, 2010

One of the Decorah eagles enjoys a squirrel on Christmas morning. I am glad to see it after a day's absence. It struck me, as I was going through the dailies, that the eagles must be very warm. The first pic below was taken yesterday, after the last snowstorm. The second was taken today, after the eagle had eaten as much squirrel as it cared to.

The eagle melted a lot of snow while it ate the squirrel - more than I would have thought.

The Fort St. Vrain eagles in Colorado are also busy working on their nest. They aren't dealing with the snow and ice that the Decorah eagles are. In fact, the shot below makes it look like the eagles are back to eating turtles again - that round object looks somewhat like a turtle plastron to me. The FSV eagles ate a lot of turtles the year before last. However, given the time of year, I don't know whether or not turtles would be available to them. This is a night time shot, captured via IR.
Happy holidays, everyone!

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Meira Shana said...

Thank you for an amazing learning experience. Now I know how to tell a male from a female and know when the wee eagles are going to 'splurt'!

It is fun to watch how the Decorah mom and dad each fed the babies and how the babies seemed to get along. The fear is always that one will attack the younger. But seems they know they're fed equally.

Watching the nest building -- hard to believe how large the nest is and how heavy it is! Wow!

Thank you and when I can I will send a donation.